If you want to catch sharks, you need to use the right bait.
Highly realistic and enticing content for your cyber deceptions.

Advanced Cyber Deceptions

Detect and track sophisticated adversaries.

Cyber deception is a valuable security approach that creates uncertainty for attackers as to the location of real computers and data, while producing a small number of highly reliable indicators of intrusion.

The challenge with cyber deception is that the bait and decoys need to be sufficiently real in order to sustain the deception and provide actionable intelligence. Creating and maintaining realistic and enticing deceptions requires expensive, rare and specialist skills.

Get ahead of the pack

We use machine learning in a novel way to create highly realistic and enticing fakes based on patterns observed on your networks. We are currently working on solutions that generate highly realistic documents, radio traffic for military forces and user activity. These can be used as stand-alone solutions or enhancements to extend your existing systems.

Our solutions also focus on simplifying the management, update and retirement of deceptive content and minimising the impact on your team and system.


Stand alone solutions and enhancements to extend your existing systems

Camouflage only works if it matches the surroundings

Realism is critical for effective deceptions. Making realistic decoys and traps means mimicking your data and systems. Your data is unique to you. You need custom deceptions, not generic templates. learns about your data and creates effective traps and decoys that match your environment.

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