Penten Honeyfile generator FAQ

How does the Honeyfile Generation Process work?

The portal generates honeyfiles by combining a randomly chosen document template from a pre-defined selection, with text generation based upon a generation methodology, which may include seed text. This seed text is required to be in English and could be words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs. The quantity of seed text required for optimal results may vary dependent upon the generation method selected.

What is seed text?

Seed text is text that is entered by a user of the portal which the generation methodologies utilise to generate honeyfile text content. Seed text must be in English and may be keywords, phrases, sentences or paragraphs dependent upon the selected generation methodology. The content of the seed text will be used by the generation methodology to generate appropriate honeyfile content. Dependent upon the generation methodology, seed text may or may not appear verbatim in the honeyfile text.

What is a topic?


What am I required to do to create a honeyfile?


Why use templates?

Templates enable the physical format of the document to be set so that the document visually looks authentic. A template also enables appropriate document meta-data to be generated for the document.

Where are the templates sourced from?

Document Templates are obtained from DigitalCorpora:

What does the Honeyfile generator actually do? 

Automatically generates honeyfiles and honeyfile content and enables users to add canary tokens to them and subsequently download the generated honeyfiles.

Where can I learn more about automatic honeyfile generation?

You can learn more about our automated system that builds honeyfiles based on the content in your directory: 

Where can I learn more about honeyfiles?

You can learn more about honeyfiles by reading this academic paper:

How much does the service cost?

The service is provided free under our terms and conditions of use. A paid service with significantly greater functionality is available by contacting Penten.

What are the support arrangements for the portal?

The portal is provided without warranty and is made available on a “best effort” basis.

Is there a warranty for the Service?

There is no warranty for this service or any products produced by this service.

Where are the terms and conditions?

The terms of service of the Portal can be found here.

What is your privacy policy?

Fundamentally, we respect your privacy and personal data and do not collect personal data regarding users of the system. We will collect anonymous system use data to develop our service.

How can I use the created Honeyfile?

You can use the created honeyfile as you wish, but Penten has no responsibility or recourse for any loss incurred as a result of the use of the generated honeyfile.

What data and information are you storing about my use of the system?

What are you doing with my seed text?

The system uses the seed text to generate the honeyfile only. We do not retain the seed text after the honeyfile has been generated. We also do not retain content information of the honeyfile once it has been downloaded, although we do retain a record of the file having been generated and the settings used to generate it, less the seed text.

How can I improve the quality of my honeyfiles?


Are you tracking my system useage?


My created documents don’t contain a lot of my keywords. Why?


My created documents are grammatically poor?


Does the honeyfile generator only work with English?

Currently, yes, it only works with English due to the language models we utilise.

What are the different content generation methods and how do they work?


What is a canary token and how do I get one?


I like the ability to create honeyfiles automatically. Can I get a commercial product to do this?

Yes, Penten has a fully managed and supported honeyfile generation and lifecycle management product available here.

Why can I only create one honeyfile at a time?

This portal is designed for honeyfile trail and evaluation purposes. Penten has a product for honeyfile generation and management at scale available here.

Why can’t I add my own template files?

This portal is designed for honeyfile trail and evaluation purposes. As such, a defined set of templates is appropriate. Penten has a product for honeyfile generation and management at scale available here where you can use your own templates.

How can I get support?

By contacting Penten here.

How do I submit feedback, bugs or feature requests?

By contacting Penten here. 

Can I generate more file formats?

Not at this time in the online portal. Penten has a product for honeyfile generation and management at available here which can generate a wider range of document and file types

Are there issues with using honeyfiles?

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