See beyond, with data loss intelligence

HoneyTrace is a cloud-based Data Loss Intelligence platform that goes beyond traditional detection methods, providing insights into the source of your threats for a more agile and focused response to data loss.

Unlike expensive and complex Data Loss Prevention solutions, HoneyTrace is ideal to help you detect insider threats and supply chain vulnerabilities.

It works inside and outside your network, where-ever your data is located. HoneyTrace is accessible from a web portal, without the requirement to install software packages and interrupt user workflows.
The five key features of HoneyTrace
Track information
most important to
your business
Extend detection
beyond your
network perimeter
Helps to answer
“who, what and when?”
Set up in
No installation of
software on your
system or network
Use HoneyTrace to generate official letters that are realistic and enticing.
Tax invoices
Create tax invoice that simulate the paper trail of a real or fictional business.
Make digital presentation decks that contain authentic content and branding.
Create tracers to detect and track data thieves
Fake email accounts that you can place in specific locations, such as databases, contacts lists and spreadsheets. Be alerted when the fake account is leaked online or receives mail, for example from a spam mailer or phishing attack.
Generate unique strings that can be inserted in custom locations like wikis and instant messaging. You can use HoneyTrace to make unique phrases, credit card numbers, addresses, and more.
Fake documents that you can insert into your cloud, phone, desktop and shared drives. Our wizards guide you through a range of customizable templates, including letters, spreadsheets and presentations, or create your own.
URL redirect
Unique web links that you can drop into your content, such as notes, documents and emails. Find out if someone is snooping on your media or forwarding your notes and email on to untrusted parties.
EDR integration
Easy integration into your existing EDR systems. Find out if someone has copied files to their endpoint device, or emailed them as attachments on to untrusted parties.
Create honeypots that are too tempting to ignore. By creating credentials to real honeypots, see who is tempted to connect to the honeypots and find out what they are after.
HoneyTrace User Application
Understanding your insider threats and supply chain risk

Malicious behavior by employees and administrators can often go undetected, because they are afforded privileges to view or transfer sensitive information as part of their business routine. Impactful data loss can also occur as a result of misconfigurations and other human error. You can use HoneyTrace to place artificial files, or data in locations that are unlikely to be accessed by legitimate users. If the data is exposed on the internet, or accessed external to your network, a tracer will be triggered, and you will receive a notification. These insights can help to support the identification of weaknesses in your system and qualify your insider risk.

While many cybersecurity products provide protection for internally managed data, the challenge is understanding what happens when important data transitions into your Supply Chain, where you have less visibility and management of processes. HoneyTrace helps you to better understand the exposed risk when your (or your customer's) important data has left your network.

Simply upload business documents to the HoneyTrace portal, select one or more tracers, and embed the document back into your environment. If you do not want to expose your real data, HoneyTrace can help you create a realistic digital twin. Once deployed, HoneyTrace can provide insights into where and when your data is accessed, helping you to better understand and assess your Supply Chain risk.